Mixing and serving various types of beverages are some of the most popular services provided by any restaurant, hotel, or bar business. The Bartending courses at AmCollege provide learners with all of the most useful foundational knowledge and skills, as well as the opportunity to practice professional bartending skills. This will give learners confidence to create appealing drinks to satisfy even the pickiest customers. 

To transform each coffee cup into art, create a unique flavor to draw customers, the barista needs lots of time and effort. AmCollege’s short-term course in Coffee Barista is designed to help learners to pursue and to grow their enthusiasm for this unique beverage.

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Admission notification (Enroll regularly)

Course duration

15 sessions


Regularly opening new classes

Class schedule

3 sessions per week, 3 hours/session

Education program

Training course


Part I: Course Objectives – General Concepts of Coffee

Part II: Coffee Overview

Part III: The art of making coffee – The art of a Barista



Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff

A selection of appealing, special beverage
Internationally recognized facilities and equipment
Flexible schedules for learners

After graduation, learners will have solid abilities in professional coffee making:

  • Be able to make perfect-flavored cups of coffee, have the ability to mix traditional and modern bartending techniques to create a variety of flavors
  • Have a thorough understanding of the design of coffee grinders, and espresso machines and be able to operate them with ease
  • Improve the skills of milk frothing, coffee measuring, and so on in order to brew the greatest coffee cups
  • Master the technique of Latte Art to make lovely coffee cups with leaves, hearts, tulips, etc. figure
  • Take advantage of job development opportunities and improve ability in higher courses
  • Obtain a certificate of completion of the course from AmCollege, qualified  to work at 3 – 5 star restaurants and hotels



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