Mixing and serving various types of beverages are some of the most popular services provided by any restaurant, hotel, or bar business. The Bartending courses at AmCollege provide learners useful background knowledge and the opportunity to practice professional mixing of beverages, helping you to confidently create your own unique drinks with your own style. This gives learners the confidence to create appealing drinks to satisfy even the pickiest customers.

In recent years, the bartender has become a profession that offers many development opportunities and opens up millions of attractive jobs for young people. The mission of the Bartending course is to help learners practice skills and high-class techniques to create unique, luxurious, and beautiful drinks to serve customers.

Course duration: 20 sessions

Admission notification (Enroll regularly)

Class schedule

3 sessions/week

3 hours/session

Education program


Training course

Group 1: Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit Juice
  • Mineral Water
  • Energy drinks
  • Soft drink
  • Hot beverage
  • Cold beverage
Group 2: Alcoholic Beverages
  • Wine
  • How to open and serve a bottle of champagne
  • How to open and serve a bottle of wine
  • Aperitif drinks
  • Types of beer
  • Types of Spirits
  • Types of Liquor
  • Condiments
  • Unit of measurement
  • Terms in bar
  • Creative cocktails
  • Alcoholic beverage chart
  • Types of glasses and tools in the bar
  • The art of making cocktails
  • The responsibility of drinking alcohol and the alcohol’s effects
  • Essential English phrases in a bar
  • Checklist – Inventory
Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff
A selection of appealing, special beverages
Internationally recognized facilities and equipment
Flexible schedules for learners
Thầy Cao Bảo Nguyên
Trưởng khoa nghiệp vụ pha chế Bartender – Giảng viên đào tạo chuyên sâu và phát triển các công thức pha chế độc đáo, hot trend

Kinh nghiệm trong nghề

  • 13 năm kinh nghiệm trong ngành pha chế (F&B)
  • Đại sứ thương hiệu Pernod Ricard Vietnam – Chivas Brothers Limited, Scotland, từ năm 2020 đến nay
  • Founder – Giám đốc phát triển nước giải khát Gốc Cocktail Bar – Quận 1, từ năm 2020 đến nay
  • Giám đốc Điều hành Đồ uống Group bệnh viện Alan từ năm 2017 đến năm 2019
  • Giảng viên đào tạo pha chế đồ uống tại trường Cao đẳng Việt Úc từ năm 2016 
  • Huấn luyện viên về rượu, rượu mạnh & cocktail từ năm 2014 đến năm 2017
  • Trưởng Bartender Park Hyatt Saigon – Martini Bar từ năm 2013 đến năm  2017
  • Quản lý cửa hàng cà phê của Gloria Jeans từ năm 2010 đến năm 2013

Giải thưởng & chứng nhận

  • Quán quân – The Shakedown 2017 
  • 1st Runner up – Remy Cointreau competition 2017 
  • 2nd Runner up – Remy Cointreau competition 2016 
  • WSET Level 1 (Wine & Spirits) 
  • Basic & Advanced Bartending Course
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management

After graduation, learners will have solid abilities in professional performance and bartending:

  • Knowledge of different types of alcoholic beverages, understand which glass to use for each type of beverage
  • Be knowledgeable about balancing ingredients for a good balanced taste
  • Perfecting the skills in preparing and decorating appealing  and impressive drinks 
  • Possessing dexterous, artistic, and visually appealing manipulation abilities when performing the act of mixing drinks
  • Ability to create new, unique flavored and appealing beverages
  • Obtain a certificate of completion of the course from AmCollege, qualified  to work at 3 – 5 star restaurants and hotels


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